Kevin Stockstill Criminal Defense

Appeals & Post Conviction Representation

Losing at trial is always a disheartening experience. But, there are means by which you can continue to fight against a conviction.

If you have a loved one who has been convicted of a crime, we can help him or her fight that conviction. We can examine all potential means of challenging the conviction including the possibility that your loved one received ineffective assistance of counsel. Do you believe the lawyer who was defending your loved one made mistakes? Did he or she miss important evidence or fail to pursue important points sufficiently? If these questions are lingering, come discuss the situation with attorney Kevin Stockstill.

There are two means by which to bring errors to the court's attention:

  • Appeals: This involves asking a higher court to consider whether mistakes were made at trial.
  • Post-conviction relief: Once all opportunities to appeal have been exhausted, you can petition the court to consider whether any breaches of constitutional protections occurred during the trial such as ineffective assistance of counsel.