When you're the subject of an investigation or feel as if you're being unjustly targeted by law enforcement, it's hard not to let the feeling of victimization take control of your actions and reactions towards police. However, Kevin Stockstill advises all of his clients to remain calm, not to resist arrest, and to exercise your rights.

As you are arrested, the police officer will read you your Miranda Rights, which will only benefit you when utilized. It's critical to exercise these rights. Whatever you say as you are being arrested and thereafter can be used against you in court, which can harm your defense. Additionally, you have the right to have an attorney present during questioning, which is highly important to build the foundation of a strong defense.

Kevin Stockstill also advises clients to remain courteous when interacting with Louisiana police. It may seem personal, but these officers have a job to do and it's nothing personal for them. Don't make it personal for you by escalating the situation and resisting arrest. If you're wrongly arrested, this can be taken care of by your attorney later. However, resisting arrest will not change this for you—it will only make it worse, potentially adding charges that may keep your defense from having a strong foundation.


We sat down with a Lafayette Sheriff's Deputy to get the perspective of law enforcement on the topic.

"Be patient with us and we'll be patient with you. We just want to do our jobs. Resisting in any way will just make the process longer for us and you. We are trained to be patient, but we're human, too. Sometimes our attitudes will reflect yours, just like yours reflect's other peoples'."

It's easy to forget the mission of Louisiana police when you're caught up in a legal situation or read too many headlines, but the deputy sheds more light on the goals of our Lafayette Sheriff's Deputies.

"I don't wake up every morning to ruin someone's day. My personal goal in law enforcement is to keep our community safe."