Under the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution, every U.S. citizen has the right to public trial, an impartial jury, know the accusers and nature of charges and evidence presented against them, and the right to an attorney. It is required under this amendment that a competent lawyer is provided to every person accused of an offense that could result in jail time and cannot afford their own representation.


Though you have the right to defend yourself, exercising the right to an attorney can be a deciding factor in your criminal prosecution.

Attorneys can offer the following services:

  • advise the prosecuted of their rights and explain what to expect at each stage of prosecution
  • ensure that the rights of the prosecuted are not violated, from law enforcement conduct to the court proceedings
  • negotiate plea bargains on behalf of the prosecuted
  • investigate evidence and facts, cross-examine witnesses, object improper questions or evidence brought against the prosecuted, and present legal defenses

Attorneys should be present at any:

  • interrogation
  • questioning
  • line-up
  • physical examination
  • arraignment
  • hearing


Whether you choose and pay for your own attorney or a public defendant is appointed to you, it is important to know your rights. It is always wise to seek criminal defense as soon as you are arrested and to remain silent until counsel has been sought through an attorney.

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