Though there's much conspiracy about what constitutes as a sex crime and the penalties thereafter for juveniles, sex crimes are violations of law for adults and children alike. Sex crimes include stalking, rape, sexual battery, indecency, obscenity, kidnapping, prostitution, and sexting. Now, more than ever, juveniles are falling victim and committing sex crimes under the sexting law, which covers communication and transfer of media in a sexual nature between devices and social media. However, juveniles are not only violating the sexting law. In fact, as much as 1/3 of sexual offenders that commit offenses against minors are under the age of 18.


Every single state in the United states requires that children who commit certain (often more serious) sex crimes and are convicted in adult court must register as sex offenders. In Louisiana, sex crimes are rated by degrees where the higher the degree, the greater the penalty. Juveniles, if convicted and depending of the degree of offense, could face registering as a sex offender for 25 years to life. Due to the variables involved in a juvenile case, it is hard to say exactly what penalties would be sentenced for what crimes. Many cases are situational, largely depending on the age of the perpetrator and victim and how the perpetrator is tried. Regardless, the penalties for sex crimes, even as a juvenile, are intense and can follow them for the rest of their lives.


Generally speaking, it's important to immediately remove your child from all situations that could become problematic, including leaving them alone with other minors or even siblings. Though you may initially want to take your child to a counselor or religious leader, understand that they are required by law to report any and all cases of child abuse that they suspect or is admitted to them, so you will not find confidentiality with them. You also don't want your child to exaggerate the circumstances or falsely confess as a result of pressure or conversations with people who are not experienced with these cases. Before speaking with anyone else, it is imperative that you seek counsel with an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney that specializes in sex crimes, like Kevin Stockstill, can most accurately discuss the options with you and how to proceed.