Louisiana has never shied away from enforcing strict laws on sex offenders, which rang especially true in 2012 when Louisiana became the first state to mandate that sex offenders publicly list their registry status on all social networking platforms. Though this is definitely something that will put the general society to rest, it's yet another requirement on the already long list for sex offenders in Louisiana.

Whether you've been charged with a sex crime and wonder what requirements come with sex offender registry if you're convicted, or you're a Louisiana resident wanting to stay informed, we're offering a deep dive into the types of notifications sex offenders are required to make here in Louisiana.


In general, sex offenders must notify the following individuals of their registry where they reside according to LA RS 15:42.1.

  • At least one person per residence within a one-mile radius of the sex offender's residence.
  • The lesser, landlord, or owner of the residence in which the sex offender resides.
  • The superintendent of the school district in which the sex offender resides, who must then alert the principals of all schools within a one-mile radius of the sex offender's residency, as well as all other principals of schools the superintendent deems appropriate to notify.
  • The superintendent of any park, playgrounds, or recreational facility withing a one-mile radius of residence.

(LA RS 15:42.1 Section A[1])

Have you ever recieved a notification in the mail of a sex offender living within your area? These notifications are mandated by law and require sex offenders to notify all residents within the designated area of their name, convicted crime, jurisdiction of conviction, as well as the following physical descriptions:

  • sex
  • race
  • hair color
  • eye color
  • height
  • age
  • weight
  • scars
  • tattoos
  • any other identifying marks

These notifications must be received within 21 days of the date of conviction, release, or change in residency. These notifications must be resent every 5 years. Other forms of notice, such as bumper stickers or signs, can be mandated by the court (LA RS 15:42.1 Section A[2]).

Additionally, if the offender provides recreational instruction (non-educational) to minors under the age of 17, notice of convicted crime, date and jurisdiction of conviction, and name, as well as a recent photograph of the offender must be prominantly displayed in the building or facility of the instruction. If a minor (under the age of 17) is required to register as a sex offender, this is the only situation in which they must notify the public of their registry (LA RS 15:42.1 Section B & C).

As previously mentioned, all sex offenders on social networking websites (if they are not prohibited by the court utilize these sites) are required to display that they are a sex offender on their profile page. Name, photograph, convicted crime, date and jurisdiction of conviction, and physical description as mandated for residency notifications must be publicly displayed on the page (LA RS 15:42.1 Section D).


In addition to what sex offenders must share with the public, there's a myriad of information they're required to share with law enforcement agencies. This information includes all aforementioned information, such as name, convicted crime, date and jurisdiction of conviction, photograph, and physical description. Additional required information includes:

  • name and any aliases used
  • address of permanent residence with two forms of proof of residence
  • name and address of place of employment
  • name and address of school in which the offender is a student
  • court in which conviction was obtained, docket number of the case, statute offender was convicted under, and sentence imposed
  • fingerprints, palm prints, and DNA sample
  • all phone numbers
  • description of every motorized vehicle registered to or operated by the offender
  • social security number and date of birth
  • every email address, online screen name, and any other online identifiers
  • temporary lodging information when the offender stays away from their residence
  • all travel and immigration documents

(LA RS 15:42 Section C[1])


If you've been charged with a sex offense crime or feel you've been wrongly registered or mandated, call Kevin Stockstill today.