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“No one wants to live with the consequences of a criminal conviction, so choose your defense attorney wisely.”


With over twenty years of experience in criminal and white collar defense, Kevin Stockstill brings an abundance of knowledge and skill to your case. Based in Lafayette, LA, Kevin focuses on using extensive litigation, in-house investigative, and trial preparation skills to help each of his clients secure the best possible outcome. Kevin understands what is at stake and will provide you with the superior defense representation you deserve.

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Kevin Stockstill - Criminal Defense
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    • White Collar Crimes White Collar Crimes

      White Collar Crimes

      White collar criminal cases can be extremely complex and require a diligent defense. Kevin Stockstill is highly experienced in defending clients against fraud, embezzlement and much more.

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    • Alcohol-Related Offenses Alcohol-Related Offenses

      Alcohol-Related Offenses

      Drunk driving is a very serious offense in Louisiana – which is why you need an attorney who handles these cases with the serious attention they deserve.

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    • Drug Crimes Drug Crimes

      Drug Crimes

      Kevin Stockstill has the skill and determination to help you fight to avoid a drug conviction – which can result in severe sentences in the state of Louisiana.

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    • Homicide Charges Homicide Charges

      Homicide Charges

      Choosing the right attorney to defend you against homicide charges can be a life-or-death decision. Kevin Stockstill has the experience and skill to provide you with the best possible defense.

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    • Internet Crimes Internet Crimes

      Internet Crimes

      Computer and Internet crimes are usually prosecuted under federal law – resulting in very harsh penalties. You need an attorney who is experienced in this unique and complex area of the law.

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    • Sex Offenses Sex Offenses

      Sex Offenses

      Sex crimes not only carry harsh sentences – a conviction can ruin your entire life. You need a tough, experienced attorney who will fight for your rights and give you every advantage possible.

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    • Appeals & Post-Conviction Appeals & Post-Conviction

      Appeals & Post-Conviction

      Losing at trial does not mean the fight is over. If you or a loved one believes you received ineffective counsel or were unfairly convicted, Kevin Stockstill can help you fight that conviction.

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    • Environmental Crimes Environmental Crimes

      Environmental Crimes

      Cases involving environmental regulations are often extremely complicated. Kevin Stockstill has been handling such cases for over 20 years and has the legal knowledge to help you fight these charges.

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    • Grand Jury Investigations Grand Jury Investigations

      Grand Jury Investigations

      Kevin Stockstill offers skilled guidance and defense to clients who are the subject of a grand jury investigation – as well as those who are called to appear before a grand jury as part of an investigation.

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    • Health Care Fraud Health Care Fraud

      Health Care Fraud

      These cases frequently involve Medicare or Medicaid fraud – and can be incredibly complex. Kevin Stockstill is well versed in guiding clients through such legal proceedings and developing a strong defense.

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    • Licensing Board Representation Licensing Board Representation

      Licensing Board Representation

      When criminal charges threaten your professional license, turn to Kevin Stockstill for an effective defense to secure the best possible resolution.

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    • Violent Offenses Violent Offenses

      Violent Offenses

      Being convicted of a violent crime can put your entire future at risk. You need an attorney who understands these cases and will provide you with a strong, effective defense.

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