Being a successful doctor, hospital, or clinic means much more than providing quality medical care. Today, succeeding in health care means, in part, being able to successfully navigate the incredibly complex web of regulations and procedures that are part of providing medical care to Medicare and Medicaid recipients. It is all too easy for a doctor, hospital, or clinic's legitimate behavior to be misconstrued as health care fraud.

Health care fraud charges are typically the product of lengthy and complex investigations. There is often a whistleblower who is taking action under the False Claims Act. False Claims Act cases, also known as qui tam cases, provide the whistleblower a financial reward for coming forward, which is normally a portion of the recovered funds.

Many of these cases have a companion civil case. It is critical as you work to defend yourself against charges, both in criminal and civil court, so that you do not make any statements or take action that can harm you in these cases.