Because using a computer or the internet to commit a crime is considered a form of using a telephone to commit a crime, which has long been held as a federal offense, these offenses are usually charged and prosecuted under federal law.

The reality of facing a federal charge is that you will usually face higher penalties than a state charge, as well as being caught up in a justice system that is distinctly different from the Louisiana state system.

Receiving charges or being subjected to an investigation of a computer crime should not be taken lightly and it is important to search for an attorney who has experience defending clients at the federal level. Has he handled computer crimes cases before? Does he specialize in criminal defense? Has he demonstrated a pattern of success in his career as a defense lawyer?

Lafayette's own Kevin Stockstill has more than 20 years of experience working as a criminal defense lawyer, working with clients throughout Louisiana. A veteran attorney, he has brought his clients significant victories over a wide range of criminal charges.

Kevin Stockstill has significant experience with computer crimes cases, including:

  • ┬áPossession or distribution of child pornography via the Internet
  • ┬áSolicitation of a minor via Internet chat rooms

Building Your Defense

With computer crimes, the key to building a strong defense normally lies within the computer itself, including the records of transactions and usage. For instance, sentences for possession or distribution of child pornography often depend on the number of images in question, so we make a thorough examination of the records to make sure the number of images is accurate.

Also, important questions to consider in computer crimes cases include the intent and identity. Computer experts can help us find out whether there was joint access to the computer in question and whether the record of usage supports an argument for unintentional possession of illegal material.

Early Counsel Makes All the Difference

No matter the computer crime charge, it is important to seek early legal counsel as soon as possible. Your attorney can serve as your spokesperson with investigators and begin building your case from the start.

For Kevin Stockstill, his only goal is to protect his clients from a judgement of legal guilt. He is interested in protecting clients' constitutional rights, providing nonjudgmental and aggressive defense for every client, no matter the crime.