The mere accusation of committing a sex crime can destroy a person's reputation with his or her community. Additionally, a conviction of a sex crime can carry a lengthy prison sentence and lead to a life of a sex offender, where the smallest aspect of life can be controlled by sex offender laws.

Accusations of sex crimes can create desperate situations and can hinge on each party's interpretation of the facts. These accusations can also impact family law situations, including child custody cases, where they have the power to sway the course of the court's decision. Due to this, false accusations are not uncommon.

No matter your story or how you came to be in such a difficult situation, you must take action to defend yourself. The earlier a lawyer gets involved, the more time he has to build a case to properly defend you and keep you from a life of scrutiny.

Attorney Kevin Stockstill helps defend people against all sexual offenses, including:

  •  Indecent behavior with a juvenile
  •  Internet solicitation of a minor
  •  Molestation of a juvenile
  •  Solicitation
  •  Sexual assault
  •  Rape
  •  Aggravated rape
  •  Forcible rape