White collar criminal charges are often based on lengthy, complex investigations. So complex, in fact, that the subjects of the investigations are aware not only that they are being investigated, but also that they are likely to face charges.

Are You Being Investigated?

Whether you are simply a subject of an investigation or you fear you may actually be charged with a white collar crime, you should begin taking action and looking for adequate representation. The sooner you receive skilled and experienced legal counsel on the matters of the internal investigation, the more effective your defense can be. There is even the possibility to make presentations to federal or state authorities in some cases that can prevent from any charges being filed. On the other hand, if charges have already been filed, you can rest assured that your defense has more time to prepare, giving you quite the advantage in such a complex investigation.

Attorney Kevin Stockstill offers highly effective criminal defense representation for professionals who are facing such white collar criminal charges, such as:

  •  Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  •  Antitrust crime (bid-rigging)
  •  Tax crimes
  •  Bank fraud
  •  Mail fraud
  •  Wire fraud
  •  Money Laundering
  •  Political Corruption
  •  Mortgage fraud embezzlement